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A new kind of bike shop. Suburban Bikes is a bicycle studio and store that sells interesting and totally fantastic bicycles that you won't find in most bike shops. Our bikes are about effective transportation, about health and fitness, but they are also about the love of bikes themselves, as objects of design and technology. We love bikes and feel better when we're around them and we enjoy getting others on bikes and helping them to get around on two wheels. 

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E-Biking For Health Reasons

We like to brag about how our e-bikes are for going faster, having gobs of fun and beating traffic and hills and so forth - and they are great for that - but many people are picking up e-bikes for...

Felt Electric Bike Demo Day October 25

Join us for our Felt Bicycles E-bike Demo! Test, explore, ride and learn about the Felt range of e-bikes  on Saturday October 25. Find out how an e-bike can change the way you get around town, avoid traffic congestion, improve...

Brooklyn Bicycles are Chic and Affordable

We like simple urban bikes that do the job of getting around town while also looking good for the rider. Bikes are beautiful and they also make a fine fashion accessory, just like a car, or a hat or a...

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