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A new kind of bike shop. Suburban Bikes is a bicycle studio and store that sells interesting and totally fantastic bicycles that you won't find in most bike shops. Our bikes are about effective transportation, about health and fitness, but they are also about the love of bikes themselves, as objects of design and technology. We love bikes and feel better when we're around them and we enjoy getting others on bikes and helping them to get around on two wheels. 

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Custom Bikes For Your Company

The trend for companies who want to offer a great work environment for their employees, while also advertising a cutting-edge brand in the urban landscape is to provide corporate bicycles to employees to get around town during and after work....

Vanmoof Bike Rental San Francisco $9.00 Per Day

Why rent a bike when you can rent a Vanmoof? Why pay more than $9.00 per day for a bike rental? Exactly. You asked. We listened. A bike rental should be less than a car rental and with Suburbanbikes and Motostrano, it...

Dutch Bike Rental Chill Picnic Package

It's summer in Silicon Valley and what could be nicer than to take an easy break from work while you are here, rent a couple of bikes and go on a picnic with some one special.    Our Dutch Bike...

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