Brooklyn Bicycles are Chic and Affordable

We like simple urban bikes that do the job of getting around town while also looking good for the rider. Bikes are beautiful and they also make a fine fashion accessory, just like a car, or a hat or a great bag. Women and men like to look good on their bikes. After all, riding around on a bike you are far more visible, present and seen than you are in a car - gotta look good on your bike. 

Which is why we like Brooklyn Bicycles. They are instantly like-able by any one who likes bicycles and the freedom and style that bikes communicate. You just want to get on one and ride and look at yourself in the reflections of windows as you dart around town.

Brooklyn Bikes have class, while still being affordable and comfortable. Fixies have class too and they're affordable, but they're not comfortable. They are more athletic than a Brooklyn. A Brooklyn Bike has great subdued colors, that aren't too fruity and fake-happy. Components are all above average parts and the accessories available round out the package for a great look. 

Visit our store to see and buy and try a Brooklyn Bike!


BOSCH E-Bike System = Game Changer

We've been living with the BOSCH e-bike system now for all of two months or so - without counting the year prior to the official release in which we worked with the Urban Arrow GEN 1 system. As expected, the BOSCH system is changing the landscape of e-biking in the US in a big way.

If you can afford it, we highly recommend buying a bike with the BOSCH system on it, over any other system on the market. If you can't afford it, figure out a way that you CAN afford it and come back and get the BOSCH system when you're ready. It's that good. If it's simply a matter of adjusting your budget to be able to jump into a BOSCH system, go for it. 

We want e-biking to really take off in the United States and one of the best ways for that to happen is if the systems themselves prove to be worth the money spent, are reliable, have great range, are easy to use and last a long time. The BOSCH system promises to deliver on all these fronts and, barring any major problems, we expect the BOSCH system to become the benchmark of quality for e-bikes. 

E-bikes promise a lot, but they also cost a lot compared to a normal bicycle. But until now that high cost has not also meant high quality. The reason so many traditional bike shops haven't jumped in on e-bikes is that, unlike traditional bicycles, e-bikes are more prone to unsolvable problems that bike shops aren't used to dealing with. This is a fact and e-bikes tend to suffer more and larger warranty issues than regular bikes of equal cost across the board.

The BOSCH system promises - or at least we are hoping for it - to solve all that by first coming with great parts that don't break. We can't say that about a lot of other brands because, firstly, BOSCH is the only brand that actually owns it's own manufacturing for it's motor, battery and control parts. As it does, so it owns the systems in place to check quality standards, ensuring that the end product is on par with BOSCH's other consumer products that you find at a hardware store. 

While costing upwards of $1000 and even $2000 more than many other models available - including ones we sell -we do think that the price difference is worth every penny. This isn't to say that other lessor priced models are 100% crap. But, going with a BOSCH could ensure you have a longer lasting, trouble free and more rewarding e-bike experience over all. 


E-Bikes Are Changing People's Lives

10 and 20 years ago, Europe buzzed everywhere with the sound of mopeds and motor scooters, as Europeans battled high gas, parking and insurance prices in urban and rural areas. During the past 3 - 5 years, this buzz has been almost completely replaced by the silent elegance of e-bikes. People of all ages, from grannys going to the market, to students and workers getting to work have all adopted the e-bike as their primary tool for getting around town. 

In California, people are also undergoing this change right now, though most people adopting e-bikes are making the leap not from a moped, or scooter, but directly from the automobile. Our urban areas are congested seemingly beyond repair. The monetary cost of owning a car is more and more seen to outweigh the benefits, while the physical health costs of constantly relying on a car to get from a to b even for short trips is making us all unhealthy and uptight.

The E-bike is changing people's lives by providing a mode of transportation that's more than just transportation. It's a way to travel from a to b quicker, healthier, cheaper and in a way that makes an improvement in our communities. 

Recent advancements in small electric motors and lithium batteries have finally made the electric bike viable. It's what we've wanted and the e-bike making cycling viable for people who would otherwise find cycling an impossibility. 

Suburbanbikes has sold e-bikes to people for 5 years now. But only recently are we seeing non-early adopter types come in, buy an e-bike and ride off, only to return and explain that their new e-bike has changed their lives in so many ways.  


2014 Model Bike Sale

As the 2015 models are arriving, we have many 2014 bicycles in stock that are discounted to make room for the new. 

Visit either our SF or Redwood City locations to view our inventory and this special instore only pricing. 


VANMOOF 10 Electric Bike is Now Shipping

The new VANMOOF 10 e-bike is now shipping. We'll have 3 units in stock in the next week. The V10 is a great bike for leisure commuting and urban exploring.


Felt NINE-e electric bike real world feedback

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After the false-starts, double launches and goofy internal trans-atlantic politics about who would sell what and where, with Felt Germany mostly winning out over the US HQ and staff - the FELT Electric Bikes are finally here and local e-bike riders are benefiting from multiple locations where they can decide where to purchase their Felt e-bikes (though you may not know it from looking at the Felt Electric social media droppings). We did our Felt E-BIKE demo a few months back - you may have been there - and didn't have any bikes to sell. Then, we did a similar BOSCH powered e-bike demo with our HAIBIKEs and demo'd and sold a bunch of HAIBIKE bikes. 

They are here now and the first bike to hit crusty old floors and leave our two stores with a happy customer on it from Felt Electric is the NINE-e 29er. 

In contrast to the HAIBIKE line of similarly BOSCH powered e-bikes, the FELT's fit right in with the rest of the Felt line of non-e bicycles. The first thing that you notice right away is the simpler frame design on the FELT vs the HAIBIKE. This frame structure benefits the FELT over the Haibike saving 6 lbs on the weight of the NINEe vs the HAIBIKE XDURO 29er. So, the Felt is lighter and therefore a little more nimble. 

But, the Felt is a few hundred dollars more in cost over the HAIBIKE too, so there's a trade off there. 

Both of these 29ers make for great off road and great on road bikes. Sling some road-biased tires on the FELT NineE and this bike becomes a sporty urban hybrid, perfect for the kind of commuting back and forth to work that beckons a few detours on your favorite suburban back-yard canyon trails. This is how we've been selling this bike so far and for people with an active lifestyle looking for a do-all bike that's good for commuting on the road and fun in the dirt, the NINEe is probably the most practical buy in the line. 


Today we got the call for the SPORT-e model and our first bunch of bikes are headed our way now. Some local shop with no FELT buying history has had some SPORT-e demo bikes for weeks already, but we'll get some here in a bit for the less-than hip hipster crowd. 



Project VANMOOF 10- the ebike that looks like an ebike should look without looking like an ebike

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The VANMOOF 10 electric bike project has been in the works for some time. First as a sketch. Then a pilot. Then a pre-release and now as a production e-bike. 

The VANMOOF is a gentlemen's e-bike in a similar way that the FARADAY is on the want list of people who enjoy style. In both bikes, style comes either before or at the same time as function and technology is at the forefront, at least on the Vanmoof. The Faraday's older-school styling obscures some of the hints to technology, while the Vanmoof looks like a bike from the future. 

We've ridden the FARADAY and enjoyed it too. The ride is very near identical to the Vanmoof but the moof ups the ante quite a bit with some added scoops of technology not readily obvious on the Faraday. 

The VANMOOF 10 is not the greatest hill climber in our line-up, but it will climb hills. It's great for going against the wind, riding at your leisure, eliminating the need to sweat. You cruise on this bike with light strokes on the pedals, letting the bike do most of the work.  

The VANMOOF is a full featured urban cruiser with fenders, built in front and rear lights, remote on/off switch, 2 power levels and 2 gears. 





Powered by BOSCH & YOU

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Our 2 retail stores, one in Redwood City, the other in San Francisco are helping people pedal more, further and faster with a full range of electric bikes for all riding styles. E-bikes are changing the way urban dwellers are moving around cities and suburbs.Extend your range, tackle a nagging hill, park where you want. Sounds like freedom. Visit our store or web site now.

You'll be amazed by the performance and technology of our BOSCH powered HAIBIKE e-bikes. Come to our San Francisco store this Saturday the 16thfor an all day demo event. Enjoy a full selection of bikes and test them out on real San Francisco hills. From full suspension mountain bikes, to hard tail and hybrids. Haibike has the largest range of BOSCH powered e-bikes on the market. More here and here



Fuji Feather Mint Chip Single Speed Bike

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Mint Chip is one of my favorite ice creams. I still recall the tune we sang ordering a "Chocolate, chocolate chip and Mint n Chip" at Thrifties as a kid. It made me fat. 

This new color from FUJI for the Feather single speed bike will do just the opposite. 

Lean, clean and very uplifting in every way. The Fuji Feather mint is their "Sea Foam". 

Adding to the great simplicity and clean classic components and finishing touches, FUJI embellished the frame with old school badging and pinstripes. 



We can't advertise this bike on our web site for you to buy or anything but we stock this bike in our Redwood City and San Francisco stores so "COME ON DOWN" and check one out. 




Custom Bikes For Your Company

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The trend for companies who want to offer a great work environment for their employees, while also advertising a cutting-edge brand in the urban landscape is to provide corporate bicycles to employees to get around town during and after work. Our bikes do that and do it better. 

We offer the VANMOOF urban cycles from the Netherlands and we customize them here in the US with your branding. Their interesting design and wide frames are ideal for corporate branding. Their modern design also communicates a sophistication about your company that no other bike on the market can convey. 

Employees enjoy the freedom of hopping on a company bike to grab lunch, some exercise and free Vitamin C from the sun. Jumping on a bike vs. shuffling down to the local deli or cafeteria boosts employee moral and productivity in ways only cycling can. 

Suburbanbikes is based in Redwood City California and our showroom in San Francisco is at Motostrano SF on Bush St. 

Each of our Vanmoof bikes are idealyl suited to urban around town riding. They each come with front and rear lights which are generated by front dynamo hub. Theft resistant bolts and seat clamps are standard, as is the anodized frame coloring. 

Call us to get your corporate bike program rolling. It's a fun, cheap and easy way to be cool on two wheels. 


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