Ebikes Are Changing People's Lives

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Bikes change lives all the time, so it's not surprising that e-bikes are having the same effect. But, e-bikes are in fact causing change in the lives of people who otherwise probably wouldn't participate in biking as much. 

Our e-bike customers are riders that are generally chained to a car for their commute. Not only for their work commute, but also for their home to downtown excursions. Either because they live too far away from downtown to reasonably get their by bike, or, they live atop a hill or other natural obstacle. 

Our e-bike customers have made their e-bikes a necessity in their lives and the bikes have been integrated into their daily routines. We know this, because if we take too long to service a bike, folks really miss their bikes!

It's a great feeling for us to be a part of this change in people's lives, but as e-bikes take a larger role in people's lives, we understand that bike service centers will need to step-up and conduct warranty service quicker than seen today. We are getting there.

To facilitate this, our shop has begun stocking warranty replacement parts so that when you bring your bike in for repair you may not have to wait for the back and forth that's often needed to get in a battery or motor that's needed for warranty. We'll have it there in stock.

Our e-bike service staff are experience ebike mechanics. They are LEVA trained.  They ride bikes. They like ebikes. They sell ebikes. 

Plus, we currently have 2 convenient locations for you to visit, with more locations planned in the future. 

Other shops view the e-bike as something "new" or totally foreign. Thanks to Wikipedia, we know, the e-bike has been around for over 100 years!

There's not really that much "new" about electric bikes, in truth, and because we take this kind of approach to the e-bike, we like to view this not as some miraculous mystery, but simply as a tool, a machine, made up of parts and pieces and stuff that can break and that can be fixed. 




Felt eBike Demo Day Saturday April 19

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Like bikes? Like eBikes? Like Mountain Bikes? Like Felt Bikes? 

Come to our store April 19, Saturday for an all day demo day on Felt's all-new line of Bosch powered electric bikes. 

Starting at 10AM to 5PM, the Felt race van will be parked at our store with a van load of the all new Felt eBikes. We can't wait! 

Come by for some coffee in the morning and cool beverages in the afternoon. Ride a little or ride a lot. Call us to schedule a longer seat time excursion on the these bikes where we will ride over to some dirt trails and see how they handle and climb. Should be fun. 

Check out the new fat bike Felt's built, plus their 29er, their e-commuter and possibly even their full suspension e-MTB. 


The iZip Dash Electric Bike Might Be Our Favorite Ebike Ever

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The iZip E3 Dash from Currie Tech might be our favorite eBike ever. NOT ONLY does it look great, ride great, go 28 MPH and handle like butter, but at $2600 retail this bike is something you can bring home to the wife or husband and they won't look at you like you are insane because you just spent $6,000 on a bicycle. This is a bike that will take you long distances, quickly, doesn't make you look like a German design project from University and is backed by a great dealer network. 

The iZIP e3 Dash has nothing to hide. It has a style that any one can enjoy and that isn't afraid to show that it is an e-bike. It's unassuming design makes it really look like a regular bike even though its battery isn't hidden like other e-bikes. It says that it's not trying to hide its e-bike-ness. 

But, the most exciting thing about the DASH is its top speed. This e-bike cooks. We took the dash on a lunch run through heavy San Francisco traffic at noon time and we were able to cross town in just minutes. Once down on the Embarcadero we walked our bike into our favorite Salumi shop, grabbed a sandwich and headed back to the store to sell more ebikes. The getting around part was a blast. The DASH is light weight, has a predictable and usable suspension and its wide tires are great for San Francisco's crappy asphalt. 

At this feature set and top speed, the DASH is going to appeal to any one considering any of the higher end $4,000 ebikes such as the Stromer, eFlow, A2B and others. 




A Pair Of Ebikes For Him and For Her

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If an ebike is on your horizon because you want to get more exercise, or not be bothered by traffic and parking, among the more stylish his and hers ebike combos we offer - we think - the BH Easymotion Neo Cross combined with the BH Neo Street ebike. Each bike fit the same needs of urban or suburban riding, or, take them on trail for light duty off pavement fun at the coast side or by the bay. These bikes will get you from your home in the lowlands of Atherton or Menlo Park, to the highlands of Woodside and beyond. 



Or, when the weekend is over, leave your car at home and hop on your bike. These are transportation devices that take you effortlessly and easily 20-30 miles at 20 mph. They are fun, healthy and inexpensive ways to get around. 

Charge it over night for pennies. Spend less time and money at the pump and our electric bikes will in fact pay for themselves in just a short few months. 

It's money in your pocket for better things. 

The two combined look well together. They match in power and style and look great in town going shopping or parked outside restaurant. 

BH Bikes are a Spanish bicycle company, one of Spains largest. The BH Easymotion line is their ebike line-up and known for their quality in components and design. Each bike uses a 300 watt motor with both pedal assist or power on demand (throttle) power. 

Visit our show room to test and buy one of these great bikes. 




Too Much Parking In Downtown San Mateo

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Letter to San Mateo City Council members about planned increase in parking in downtown San Mateo.


Hello Mr Matthews and Mr Lim

I read about the recent parking meeting in the SM Daily Journal and wanted to contact you with my thoughts as a resident, father of 3, driver and cyclist. I think the idea of adding even more parking and more cars to the down town area is the opposite direction San Mateo needs to go. A city our size should be looking at reducing access to cars down town and bolstering it's walkability and rideability. 
We live in the Highlands, so visiting downtown usually, not always, involves a car drive. We also ride in by bike from time to time, during less peak times only, because it's unsafe otherwise. 
There is too much parking in downtown San Mateo already. There are too many cars in downtown San Mateo. Not enough pedestrian and bike friendly access. The sidewalks are narrow. Adding yet more parking to San Mateo isn't going to make the area more attractive for couples or families to linger and enjoy the downtown area. It will simply add more cars to the downtown area, making it even more unpleasant for people looking to do more than an in-and-out of one shop and go home. 
Less parking and more pedestrian space means a better sticky reason to stay in the area, rather than zoom in park and leave. There's already plenty of parking in the surrounding area of the downtown that goes empty during peak hours. 
San Mateo downtown is unsafe to walk around due to all these cars. It's also unbearably unsafe to ride a bike around unless you are an experienced commuter and an adult. During the evening I would never feel safe taking my family into town in the evening by bicycle to have dinner and see a movie and possibly do some shopping later and yet I would LOVE to do this and I know other families would also love to be able ride in to downtown and explore rather than have to get into a car, find a parking spot and so forth. 
And- there are actually cities who enable this and promote this. Let's follow their lead and get out of our 'car brains' for a bit. 
To become an actual destination where people will want to shop and linger, downtown needs a larger pedestrian area, more bike lanes and more out door activities. Look at what is going on in Redwood City and other towns where they've created a reason to actually get out of a car, shop and enjoy a downtown area. 
Instead of a downtown flooded by cars between 6 and 8, try to imagine a down town with families and couples streaming in by bicycles during these times, because they are want to really enjoy an evening. Let's see some bands playing out doors in the square in front of the theater. This is what I see in Redwood City around those times and on weekends. Let's promote and build that. 
We have great weather in San Mateo. Rather than pay nearly $4 million on 400 new parking places in the next ten years, put that towards building and promoting a walkable and rideable downtown. So what if we have to walk a little further to get to a restaurant or the movies. The end result is so much more healthy for people and the town itself. 
Joe Witherspoon 
San Mateo, CA 


Urban Arrow Electric Cargo Bike Makes It Easier Not To Own A Car

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Wild, young, America is losing interest in the automobile. Once a symbol of speed and freedom, the car now signifies a nagging monthly payment, another thing to maintain, another mouth to feed, with gallons of expensive earth-polluting fuel each week. Traffic jams. Circling city blocks looking for parking or spot-hunting in giant soul-less parking lots and so on and so forth. 

The AAA says that it costs about $9000 per year just to operate/own a car in the United States. Young Americans don't want to be a slave to their cars, or the auto industry. They want effective, cheap transportation that's good for them, is low-impact and low-maintenance.  

Many wild, young Americans are looking at the cargo bike as a viable car replacement and the new Urban Arrow Cargo e-bike is one the most advanced example of its kind on the market. 

Imported direct from Amsterdam - the capital of bicycle transportation - the Urban Arrow is a joy to ride and to utilize. 

Considering that a car costs $9000 per year just to operate, using the UA as a car replacement pays for itself in just 6 months. 

Suburbanbikes / Motostrano is the California importer for these great bikes. 

Our first deliveries have been well received. 

The Urban Arrow cargo bike uses the famed BOSCH pedal assist mid-drive motor system to offer a smooth and powerful ride that takes the weight off starting the bike and climbing hills. 

This is a cargo bike of the highest order, well thought out and engineered as a real transportation and carrying solution, not a novelty. This is bike you can safely carry 3 small children to school with on a daily basis in good or bad weather. 

The Urban Arrow cargo bike takes a lot of the sting out of pushing a cargo bike around by pedal power. The electric assist makes it a little easier to get started and to climb hills. It also can extend the range of your cargo bike by getting you further, faster. In a place like San Francisco, for instance, you can easily get around the entire city with an Urban Arrow and never need a car. 

Mom's really like the idea of an electric cargo bike. You get exercise and fresh air. You get a safe vehicle to transport kids and go to the store. You get money savings and you get to park just about anywhere. Which makes the Urban Arrow a solution for progressive moms who want to do things a different way than lining up at the pre-school in a minivan. The Urban Arrow makes getting out an adventure and an exercise in exercising, as it were. 


The Urban Arrow cruises at speed around 16 MPH but we recommend keeping the speed down. Get there safely and calmly. As a bike, it's equipped with a front and rear light to keep you visible at night. 

There's a sturdy center stand meant to keep the bike upright whenever parked. 

The seat is a comfortable gel touring seat and it's a standard bike seat you can also swap it out with an even more comfortable. There are many accessories available for the bike.  

The Urban Arrow is in high demand. Right now there is a lead time of 5-10 weeks to get an order shipped. To find out more, contact our sales people.



A Beach Cruiser Electric Bike - IZIP Zuma

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One of the best buys in electric bikes right now is the super slick ZUMA electric bike from Currie Technologies. For just around $2000 this bike gets you a 500W motor mounted to a solid beach cruiser frame with big balloon tires and a big battery for long distance travel by ebike. 

The rack on this bike is heavy duty, welded to the frame itself and can easily take a small passenger or lots of gear. For all practical purposes it's a cargo bike without the chunk of a real cargo bike. 

Simple 2 button operation lets you select between throttle power or pedal assist power for quick control and no fidgeting with fussy display modules. Just turn it on and go. 

The batter is removable too so you can charge it at your desk, bedroom or workshop. 

This is last years model so look for good buys on this bike right now. 




A Beach Cruiser Ride On Ocean Beach

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Here's a great idea for a bike ride the next time you want to get out and have a great ride, get some better than usual exercise and enjoy the beach like never before.   

Beach Cruiser riding in Northern California isn't the same as it for our friends in So Cal. We don't have the miles of long flat giant beach coast that they have down south. It's harder to get that So Cal beach feel up here, even though we have great surfing and some times pretty good weather. Don't get me wrong- it's easier for us than, say, the Danes of Copenhagen, to get into the SoCal beach bike vibe, but I think I speak for all Californians when I say that we all like to go for a beach ride on a beach cruiser at sunset. Our weather is more prone to fog and chill than it is at the South, so not only do we have a more frigid beach culture, we don't have the surrounding amenities at the beach normally either: the babes in bikinis, the great beach shacks, cafes, bars and food stops. Up here it's more often an encounter with nature than it is a dance floor. Up here it's about sweaters, bon fires, beer and beanies and huddling under fog, surfing with thick wet suits, whale watching and kayaking and checking out the ocean from a mountain bike on a trail overlooking the ocean. 

But, there IS Ocean Beach. 

Ocean Beach is the perfect spot for dreamy, slow bike rides right at the ocean's water front, away from the cars and away from the confines of a narrow trail. The beach is miles long, scenic and full of friendly people. It's a great place for a bike ride. 

The weather is not always the greatest, but so what. Throw on a warm wool sweater, beanie and a scarf or wrap yourself in a great blanket and just cruise. 

More than likely you'll be the only person on the beach on a bike.  

Beach cruising isn't a favorite past time in the San Francisco area. Our hills and rocky beaches and weather are to blame for this.  With all of our attention on performance road and mountain biking, it's easy to forget about the simple pleasures of hopping on a fat tire beach cruiser and softly cruising along the beach absorbing the scenery and Vitamin E. 

The length of Ocean Beach is a little over 3 miles from Sloat to Pt Lobos. Round trip that's a 6 mile ride in the sand on a cruiser, which makes for a good ride. To extend things, do the same on the paved trail adjacent to the beach and if you have even more time, ride up and down Golden Gate Park for the full monty. 

Enjoy a ride along the beach and the park and then set your bars in the direction of a great pub or cafe or eatery. This ride is one of the safest rides in the city and it's also the least populated. Great views and great coastal air.

This ride goes great with a great micro beer or wine afterward. Pop into a fish restaurant, or stumble on some hard core ethnic authentic place to remind you of San Francisco's far reaching culture. You're in The City.  



Electra Townie GO Electric Hill Cruiser is a real "GOER"

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Man: 'Evening, squire!

Squire: (stiffly) Good evening.

M: Is, uh,...Is your wife a "goer", eh? Know whatahmean, know whatahmean, nudge nudge, know whatahmean, say no more?

Squire: I, uh, I beg your pardon?

M: Your, uh, your wife, does she "Go", eh, does she "Go", eh? (wink, wink)

S: (flustered) Well, she sometimes "Goes", yes.

M: Aaaaaaaah bet she does, I bet she does, say no more, say no more, knowwhatahmean, nudge nudge?

S: (confused) I'm afraid I don't quite follow you.

M: (smiling eagerly) Go! The Townie Go! It's an "E-bike", squire, an 'E-bike", uh, you know, all the "craze" with the little motor and batt'ry on the back end there. Nudge, nudge. I be she goes, eh? 

S: Yes... she goes.  

Our ebike preferences tend to focus on performance over style and comfort. The majority of our ebike customers are in the same camp. We are looking for ebikes to get us out of the car more often, get to where we are going often faster than a car, by bypassing traffic, or skipping public transit and we're looking for all the pluses a bike has to offer (easy parking, low maintenance, weight) with a motor attached. We also want a little exercise and carrying capacity. 

So- when we got our first Electra TOWNIE Go we were a little skeptical and we didn't much see the use. The Townie Go is a basic bike. It's a cruiser. It's got one speed and operates by pedal assist only. It's got qualities of a nice cruiser but it's got a motor. With the one speed, it takes a lot of the hard core commuter purpose off the table. 


Still, this bike would make a fine anti-commuter bike in the right conditions. Take the beautiful hills of San Francisco for instance. If you love the city, live in the city and ride the city- you likely don't own a beach cruiser. Which sucks, because riding a beach cruiser is fun and relaxing and joyous. Enter the Electra TOWNIE Go, which is kind of a beach cruiser for North Beach, or South Beach, as it were. 

The TOWNIE Go, for these uses is a great bike. It's comfortable and simple. It's light weight if you need to lift it. It's easy to maintain. It can take you from you posh Nob Hill apartment to your swank SOMA start-up office in minutes and without breaking a sweat for the ride home. Ride San Francisco as if you were riding Manhattan Beach and why not? 

The TOWNIE charges up SF hills with ease and the bike's fat balloon tires cruise right over our crappy roads and MUNI tracks. Ride and go. 

In short, the TOWNIE makes the classic beach cruiser a useful bike for San Francisco. I can see plenty of other Northern California lanes and roads where the TOWNIE would be at home where any other cruiser would be out of place. 



Electric Bikes in San Mateo

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Suburbanbikes is the Peninsula's go-to source for ebikes for San Mateo, Burlingame and beyond. Our ebikes are the best on the market and we've tested them for the long haul. Each bike is selected for their reliability, over all weight and rideability, comfort and power. 

If you are in the market for an electric bicycle, we believe, the very first piece of advice you should heed is to avoid the cheap Chinese re-branded products you can find on ebay and amazon that are sold without a local distribution network and without a solid warranty. Time and again we have had to try to rescue owners of these poorly made designed-to-break products that lure customers to them with their low prices only to find that not only must they invest hundreds more into trying to fix the bike, but even after that, the bike is not fixable for any price and must be thrown away.

You work hard for your money and we believe your electric bike should be as reliable as your shaver or your vacuum cleaner. It should turn on and go when you need it to and operate trouble free. 

This is the primary factor used to decide what we sell or don't sell in our store. As a company that prides itself on our reputation, as well as our good prices, we want our customers coming back to us for more products, not unhappy faces with broken products. 

Our Ebikes are available for test ride in our Redwood City or San Francisco stores, where you can do all the "research" you want. 



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