Vanmoof Bike Rental San Francisco $9.00 Per Day

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Why rent a bike when you can rent a Vanmoof? Why pay more than $9.00 per day for a bike rental? 

Exactly. You asked. We listened. A bike rental should be less than a car rental and with Suburbanbikes and Motostrano, it is with our "Rentme.Bike" program. 

And in San Francisco, the bike you rent should be an example of the hi-tech culture that we live in.

Our Vanmoof bikes from Amsterdam are filled with high design concepts and useful technology, integrated with a vision of ease of use and friendly riding. We've made them even more friendly by letting them for rent, for just $9.00 per day in San Francisco. 

It's easy. Text or call us to reserve your bike at 415.580.1452

Quick and easy, in and out, no hassle rentals. We require a deposit to secure the bike. You get a great bike, a lock and a helmet and The City is yours. 



Dutch Bike Rental Chill Picnic Package

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It's summer in Silicon Valley and what could be nicer than to take an easy break from work while you are here, rent a couple of bikes and go on a picnic with some one special. 


Our Dutch Bike Rental Chill Picnic Package gets you two wonderful fully loaded Gazelle dutch bikes, with lights, fenders, lock and a rack, plus a picnic basket, stocked with all the fixings of a great picnic. 

Enjoy an afternoon "daycation" on our pair of Dutch bikes for him and her and head off to one of the many local parks for a great time in the shade or sun. We'll point you in the right direction, or you can explore on your own. 

Inside the whicker picnic basket you'll have a wool blanket to chill out on, a bottle of Californian wine (chilled), water, local cheese (chilled), gourmet bread, cold cuts and San Francisco chocolate selected from one of our local delis, plus an assortment of organic fresh fruits. We'll also supply all the utensils you will need (cups, silver wear, napkins, bottle opener) Head out on your journey, under a canopy of trees, find a quiet spot and enjoy the silence as the world rushes by. 

Package Rental Price (includes 2 bikes, Helmets and all the picnic goodies) $150.00


Electric Bikes In Santa Cruz California

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The town of Santa Cruz is a great biking town. It's a also a great town for an e-bike. 

Santa Cruz sits on the Monterey Peninsula and meanders up the Santa Cruz mountains a bit. The coast line is dotted with jetties and gorges where creeks and streams have created ups and downs galore. Prime territory for a powerful e-bike to get commuters and recreational riders up hills that otherwise would be a drag. 

Suburbanbikes services the Santa Cruz and Monterey areas with a great selection of e-bikes that work great in this coastal town and Redwood City is just a hop over the hill to pick up a new bike. 

We can also deliver and pick-up if you need this service. It's all part of our customer satisfaction focus and our intent on spreading the joy of e-bikes where ever we can. 

As a Currie iZIP dealer we have beach cruisers with 500 watt motors on them to get you up the hills in classic Santa Cruz Beach Cruiser style. For the adventure crowd, we have Bosch powered mountain bikes designed to tackle trails with ease. 


Another Shipment of Urban Arrow Bikes Headed Our Way

Wild, young, America is losing interest in the automobile...
In the six months that we've been dealing in the ultimate cargo bike, the Urban Arrow, we've learned a lot about it's nature, technology and durability. 
A new batch of Urban Arrows are headed for America now, this time built to our spec based on the needs of our local California market, based on what we've learned from our customers. 
We've learned from customer feedback and adopted the Urban Arrow to meet their needs. 
We've found that the primary buyer of the Urban Arrow are parents looking for a better way to transport 1-3 kids around urban environments. The Urban Arrow does this better, more open and more friendly than by car. 
We've learned that the Urban Arrow is a big bike, and so, we've adopted a customer service policy that includes delivery of the Urban Arrow to our customer's door step. We've learned that this keeps customers happier and us too, since we get to get out of the store!
We've learned that we remember that Holland doesn't have a lot of hills, which is why Dutch bikes don't have to have excellent brakes, so we order our Urban Arrows with upgraded disc brakes as a standard feature. 
We've learned that some customers can wait for great things to come and some can not. Keep in mind that we import the Urban Arrow bike in small batches direct from Holland. 
We've learned that one family in Santa Monica wants to use the UA for long distance kid pick-up and drop off, up to 20 miles each way. This is a two-battery trip, so extra batteries are important. 
We've learned that one family in San Francisco enjoys tackling some of The City's bigger hills with their Urban Arrow, so disc brakes are a must. 
We've learned that the Bosch electric bike motor is reliable, light weight and powerful. 
We've learned that people who want to own an Urban Arrow are forward thinking, practical minded people who want an alternative to a car. Technologists, programmers, designers by trade, individualists. 
We've learned that the best thing families enjoy about the Urban Arrow is the ability to take it and park where cars can't park. To go where cars can't go. The park, the beach, boardwalk, the marina, ward, etc. 


Commuter Benefits Launch with Suburbanbikes and Motostrano

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Who doesn't like benefits, right? 

Suburbanbikes / Motostrano has teamed up with Commuter Benefits to allow employees and companies to redeem Commuter Benefits cash coupons for bicycle related products and services. 

If your employer participates in the Commuter Benefits program, you can now spread the word that Suburbanbikes accepts these coupons for great products like Felt bicycles, tune-ups, accessories and even Electric Bicycles!

If your employer doesn't yet participate in Commuter Benefits, now is great time to recommend the program to your HR department! 

For more information, visit their web site at Commuter Benefits.




HAIBIKE Will Take You Higher June 21 at our E-Bike DEMO

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Let's Get It On! 

If you have an interest in leaving your car parked safely at home more often, where it won't cause any more harm to your wallet or the environment or your health - stop by our Redwood City store on June 21 for a once in a year chance to demonstrate and test ride and tire kick and even BUY a new HAIBIKE electric bike direct from Germany. 

June 21, starting at 10AM we'll fill our parking lot with HAIBIKE e-bikes and we'll take them out for rides on real Silicon Valley roads and trails. If you like, call us in advance to reserve some seat time on a mountain bike version and we'll take you on a guides 1 hour ride in the MTB version's natural environment. See what the BOSCH motor can REALLY do up hills and down. 

June 21 we'll have the whole fleet of HAIBIKEs on hand and you can purchase the 29er or the Full Suspension models, as well as make a pre- order on any other models that will ship in July. 

Let's do this! We'll also have our other range of e-bikes on hand for you to compare bikes too.  Stromer, BH EASYmotion, iZIP and eFLOW. 

The HAIBIKE range of e-bikes help you on the trail and on the commute war path. With the respected BOSCH motor, it's what every one's been talking about it. Now you can own it. 

We'll supply hot fresh drip JAVA for the morning crew and we just might have to fire up the BBQ for some Bratwurst in the afternoon in good German fashion. 

Call or email us with your RSVP and let us know you plan to come. For the full range of HAIBIKE Ebikes check our web site or the Motostrano web site.



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Bikes@Work is our ongoing research and partnership program in which we reach out to local and not local companies interested in promoting bike commuting and bike riding to a work force. 

In the simplest form, we do this by being your company's local bike shop. In this, we support your employees with bike needs: bikes, service, accessories, support. 

Local companies can arrange for bike repair delivery, bike fleet purchase and bike rentals. We will also work with you on your campus for health fairs, bike safety programs, group rides and off-site events where bikes are put into play. 

More advanced, we'll help craft better bike to work incentives, bike storage and commute routes. 

Biking to work is great fun and good for our community. 



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VANMOOF - the cool bike brand from Holland - is about to release their 2015 and beyond bike models. In this upcoming hardware release from Vanmoof we see a number of new bike models, combos and designs, all based on the mold-shattering techno design of European origin. 

If you enjoy modernity, good design and true functionality Vanmoof is for you. 

The new bikes will be like the old ones, but better. 

Also, their names have changed. No more the 3.2, 3.1, 3.7, 5.1, 5.7 nomenclature. 

The new catalog focuses heavily on alphabetical nomenclature, rather than numerical signage. 

There are other too.

One of them is white. It is called the D Series 

Vanmoof say: 

"Launched in 2011, the VANMOOF D-Series (short forDüsenjager, or fighter jet) captured the hearts of many a commuter at first sight. Awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design award this urban racer combines VANMOOFs simplified take on the commuter bike with its stunning looks."

There is also the T series bikes


"T series - The urban compact cruiser

The T-Series is a brand new concept in the VANMOOF portfolio: a functional and innovative bike designed for densely populated cityscapes. Imagine having all benefits that a regular VANMOOF has to offer, combined with the practical advantage of a compact version of the striking VANMOOF frame."





Electric Bikes In Palo Alto, Menlo Park & Mountain View

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E-bikes are taking over, but not in the way you think. Ebikes don't replace regular bikes. The replace regular transportation: Im talking about cars.

Suburbanbikes' ebike collection is ideally suited to the riding characteristics of Palo Alto and many folks in the Palo Alto area enjoy electric bikes because it extends their range in a car-less way. 

These are high-tech transport solutions with a low environmental impact. Meaning the more people ride bikes the less Palo Alto is ruined bar parking garages, car traffic and car pollution - both in the air and in the ears. And in the eyes for that matter. Ever been to countries who are less car-centric than the US? Have you noticed how much better social places and architecture looks when it's not caged in by cars? Call it eye pollution. 

E-bikes are a practical form of transportation for any one who would other wise carry one person in a whole car short distances quickly. 

Palo Alto is already ideally suited to bike travel, with great flat terrain and shady streets, unless you want to ride up the hill. An e-bike can carry you up the hill towards 280 with ease. Great for folks working in the incubators up there or in any of the VC offices. That's right the classic VC Beemer will one day be replaced by something with equal design cache but better health cache. 

Suburbanbikes' ebike store in Redwood City is the main show room for Motostrano and bikes for Silicon Valley. We sell and service bikes from BH EasyMotion, A2B, Eflow, Izip, Biruni, Vanmoof, Stromer. We also build custom bikes and we service bikes.  

Visiting our store, you can always expect to find the latest in e-bike technology, great prices and a friendly staff to help you navigate products to find the best bike for you.  



They Love Us

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Customer impressions and comments are super important to us. SEO experts tell companies to have a "Reviews Strategy" for building customer reviews and hampering negative reviews. In business, it's hard to please every one, so regardless of a reviews strategy or not, we expect to have a negative review from a customer eventually. But we seem to be doing just fine if you look at our Yelp history. 12 4 star reviews! 

In our motorcycle business, no matter how hard we tried we would never get to 5 stars. What is it? Are motorcyclists by nature grumpy mean revengeful people and cyclists are kind, good hearted and friendly? Unfortunately, it looks that way....




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