Felt eBike Demo Day Saturday April 19

Like bikes? Like eBikes? Like Mountain Bikes? Like Felt Bikes? 

Come to our store April 19, Saturday for an all day demo day on Felt's all-new line of Bosch powered electric bikes. 

Starting at 10AM to 5PM, the Felt race van will be parked at our store with a van load of the all new Felt eBikes. We can't wait! 

Come by for some coffee in the morning and cool beverages in the afternoon. Ride a little or ride a lot. Call us to schedule a longer seat time excursion on the these bikes where we will ride over to some dirt trails and see how they handle and climb. Should be fun. 

Check out the new fat bike Felt's built, plus their 29er, their e-commuter and possibly even their full suspension e-MTB. 

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Fat Tire Bikes Come To California

We typically see the fat tire bike craze outside of California because it's thought to be a snow bike. It's not. Fat tire bikes are a blast on sand and regular old fashioned dirt. Out here around San Francisco Bay, there's tons of muddy gravel marshy places to ride too. Just be sensitive to the local bay habitat. 

On a recent ride, we saw fat tire bikes around Half Moon Bay and the deep sandy shore is a great place for a fat tire bike. You'll see not many bikes on the beach and plenty of wild life, both living and dead. Recently, we've had our share of whale carcass for instance. On my ride I noticed a starving young seal stranded on the beach. It's nature and the local waters aren't very healthy at the moment. Food supplies are down and seals are hungry so they go up on shore out of exhaustion. 

If you want to get off the sand, you can ride for miles on some of the costal bluffs too, over looking Mavericks and up towards Pacifica. Wonderful riding with views of the entire Bay Area if you can make it to the top. 



#ridewithoutpain Cycling + Yoga Are A Great Fit

As part of our ongoing effort to promote riding bikes without pain, to get more people riding bikes and enjoying it, we'll be doing a series of promotions and rides to combine our customer's interest in cycling and health with Yoga. 

The goal with this initiative is to combine a two low-impact activities to enhance the experience of both in a new way for our customers, combining one activity that is stationary, yoga, with another that is mobile, cycling. 

Cycling benefits from yoga through stretching benefits that it generates, and the benefits to breathing and strength building. Meanwhile, practicing Yoga after cycling can help to calm the body, restore the muscles and nerves and bring inner peace after a hard ride. 

We're passionate about cycling and the positive energy that it creates. This passion will transfer to our Yoga offering as well, providing an experience that is beyond the standard yoga experience, that's challenging, exciting and transforming.  

Our Cycling+Yoga programs will help our customers enjoy the benefits of Yoga in conjunction with cycling with a series of Yoga programs that work well for cyclists.

The goal is to offer Yoga instruction to our customers and use it enhance the riding experience through cycling and yoga combined. 

For new riders, yoga training can help support muscle relaxation, breathing and concentration while on a bike. Good breathing, feeling relaxed, with tension released, promotes a better cycling experience overall. Yoga helps out before riding, while riding and after riding. 

Restorative yoga can help rebuild muscle ease, reduce tension and help relieve pain. 





#ebikedemo Day, Saturday, April 25, Redwood City

We're doing another #ebike demo day at our Redwood City store. This will take place the weekend after Sea Otter, so if you miss SO or don't like crowds, our demo day will be a fine way to see the best in e-bike tech that will be at SO anyway and you can ride on road and trail just the same. We'll have Haibike, Felt, Lapierre bikes, as well as A2B, BLIX, BESV and others on hand for you to compare, contrast and purchase. We're hoping for fine California drought weather, blue skies and green grass to accompany us. We hope to see you here too.

Why come? You are in the market for totally great e-bike. You like e-bikes. You like to ride e-bikes. You like to talk about e-bikes with other ebikers just like you. 

RSVP to sales@suburbanbikes.com if you can. 

If you like to go on a longer ride, we have 2 rides scheduled thru the day for a road experience or an off road experience. 

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#inwildcompany - corporate group bike experiences

Our fleet of rental bikes is available to individuals and groups. for groups of 5 or more, we offer bike delivery service to trailheads around the bay area. Rent a group of bikes, either mountain bike or road bike, we'll deliver your bikes to the trail, ready to ride with helmets and water. 

You don't need to get on a private jet to get out in a new and challenging environment for your corporate offsite meeting. The Bay Area has it all, minutes away and we'll help your team tackle it together. 

Our fleet of mountain bikes and road bikes are high quality bikes for your team to rely on for their adventure. Tackle trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Coast, the Marin Headlands, South and East Bay trails. 

Adventure awaits! Rent a mountain bike or a road bike

Mix it up! Mix up your bike ride with a day of paddling in Half Moon Bay. Surf or kayak in the open water. Hike- hike up to the peaks of nearby mountains, or rent jeeps and experience the trail on 4 wheels. 

Next Demo Day April 25, Saturday

The week after the Sea Otter Classic (the big bike thing in Monterrey you keep hearing about), come to Motostrano/Suburbanbikes' Super Ultra Electric Bike demo where, if you missed going to Sea Otter, don't like crowds, like seeing stuff you can buy, you'l be able to see and try and buy the best in electric bike technology. 

Vendors from all over the globe will convene in our parking lot, as well as representatives from the peoples of the world from all living cultures to view, try, talk about, test and hopefully buy a great new e-bike from our store. 

April 25 is the date. Saturday is the Day. April is the Month. 

Next E-Bike Demo Day Saturday March 21

Our next hot to trot e-bike demo day is this Saturday the 21st from 9AM to 5PM. Suburbanbikes is the place to be in the Bay Area for e-bikes! 

Visit us in Redwood City to preview the best e-bikes of 2015 and take advantage of special DEMODAY pricing.

Brands that will be at your disposal all day:


Felt Electric