Commuting To Work By Electric Bike

Commuting to work by electric bike is doable, fun and money-saving. 

Considering buying a bike that you can use to get to work with? What's stopping you? If you commute between 5 and 10 miles to work every day, getting out of your car and doing that commute by bicycle will be something you wish you started doing a long time ago. 

Riding to work is 100 times more fun than driving. Why not get to work with a refreshing smile on your face? The experience of traffic, any kind of car traffic can be a huge downer. Even the regular slow-flowing traffic, that isn't really a traffic jam, is frustrating, moving from light to light, stop sign to stop sign. Going by bike bypasses all of that and can even take the same or less amount of time than by traveling by car or bus. 

Moving around on an electric bike is a relaxing and satisfying experience. You're in the open air. You're not chained to your cell phone or updates on your social media and you can survey your surroundings at a normal pace. 

One of the highlights of my own commute to work (7 miles each way) is a little bypass that I take through a local city park. I can't do anything like that by car. In seconds, I'm off the main road and riding down a shaded tree-lined park in the quiet. If I want, I can even stop and take a quick rest before heading up the hill I need to climb on my electric bike and enjoy the silence. 

Hills are a breeze on an electric bike and they're what really makes owning an electric bike worth every penny. You may still have to pedal to get your bike up to speed on a good size incline. Still, you more than likely wont have to break a sweat and a little excise will do you just fine. 

It's a pleasure to ride around on a bike, passing gas stations along the way. In terms of speed comparison, consider all the times you had to fill up on the way to work losing time on the way. Your electric bike charges up over night, while you're sleeping. Plug it in at night. Un-plug it in the morning and you're tank is full.

Electric bikes require almost no maintenance compared to cars. No oil change. No fluid change. 

You can park your electric bike almost anywhere. 

What's stopping you?

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As supply lasts, during the month of March- we're offering a free basket and a free Nutcase helmet with any Brooklyn bike you buy at our store!

Pick from any of the tantalizing colors in our Nutcase helmet collection to go along with your new Brooklyn bicycle. Then, pick out a free front or rear basket to go along with it! 

Get ready for Spring on the perfect urban town bike from Brooklyn

Come to our HAIBIKE E-Bike Demo This Saturday!

We're doing it again. Another wild and wonderful e-bike demo for you to get your sweaty palms all over some great e-bikes and this time it's Haibike e-bikes made for the dirt! 

Test out the all new Haibike XDURO models in their natural environments. 

Visit us in Redwood City from 9AM to 5PM for an all day Haibike demo event. Take advantage of our special pricing and guided rides on the trails.  



We're All About #ridewithoutpain - Join Us

Biking does not have to be about pain, endurance, or pushing it hard beyond your limits to the point that it hurts. 

The forces that be, the athletic few tend to dominate cycling in the United States and this is heavily true here in the SF Peninsula where spandex and roadie mentality dominates and how much you spent on your bike, or how old and classic and vintage your bike is, is more important than what kind of person you are, how pleasant and helpful you may be, how much you smile. 

Biking is not about that. We can help you #ridewithoutpain 

Biking is not about what kind of time you pulled or how many miles you did or what crazy "loop" you ran over the weekend. 

Biking is about getting out and having fun and being happy doing so and for many of us a huge obstacle to getting us riding more is the sheer fact that it hurts to the point that we don't enjoy doing it. It's also about getting around by means other than a car, or a bus. To do this and grow this, it's important that we learn to #ridewithoutpain 

So we've been looking at the concept of #ridewithoutpain and think more people would ride if they understood that riding can be made to happen without pain. 

The concept here is that you CAN ride a bike without pain and that riding a bike is all about getting exercise and enjoying it in a pain-free manner. We use the bike as a tool to aid us in traversing the terrain ahead of us rather than walking or running. If biking is painful, most of us won't be getting involved. 

Our #ridewithoutpain is about getting more people riding. We believe that any one can ride a bike and that pain isn't required to do so. 

Many of us who haven't been on a bike in a long time, who are older, who are parents, or grand parents, have taken on health issues have written off bike riding as an option because they believe it's painful. We see the rider struggling to get up that hill with the grimace on their face. We recall the last time we tried and failed to ride our own bike in our garage up that hill and it hurt and wasn't enjoyable. 

Still, with the right bike and the right adjustments and the right care taken to first select the right bike and then make the necessary adjustments or add the recommended accessories, any one can #ridewithoutpain. 

It's our goal to help facilitate this. It's a program we're initiating in our stores. It's a concept we want to spread and share and get the word out about it. 

We do this by guiding you in the process of getting back into cycling. No purchase is required of you to have us help. We're glad to offer a free #ridewithoutpain consultation to give some advice on how we can help. Where possible, we'll talk about riding style and posture, or setting goals. We'll also consult about products such as a new bike, or accessories - without obligation. 

We're not doctors. We supply bicycles, standard and electric assist and we sell accessories to help customize a bike to make it fit better and more comfortably. 

Stop by our store and see what we can do for you. 


Mountain Bike Rental - Silicon Valley San Francisco

Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area in general are home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. Where else can you find yourself riding next to the offices of Google and Facebook one moment, through ancient Redwood Forest single track ranges the next and then along side the ocean soon after. You can do it all here and paradise is everywhere if you have a good bike and a day. 

We rent only high-quality mountain bikes.

It's not uncommon for cyclists to pick up a bike at our Redwood City location and ride straight up to the mountains for an off-road adventure that leads straight out to the ocean. You can do it

Our Mountain bikes are at the ready for any trail and we rent both standard and electric mountain bikes! Brands include Felt, Fuji, Marin and Lapierre. 

We offer both full suspension and hard tail bikes and each bike comes with a flat repair kit, water bottle holder and helmet. 

It's time to get out and explore the world by bike. 

Our store is conveniently located next to the Bay Area's best riding areas. Minutes away from the following off-road areas:

Skeggs Point - Miles and miles of single track in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Whitmore Gulch / Purisima - Ride from the top of Skyline all the way to the coast if you want

Water Dog - a quick place to ride locally with some very technical trails 

Alpine Road / Windy Hill - 16 miles of trail

Arastadero - 7 miles of great trail

Half Moon Bay - the most scenic coastal trail you can get

Bayfront Park / Bedwell - a bayside gravel riding area that's fun and close


Get Your Sweetheart on a Bike This Valentines Day

This Valentines Day- why not treat your sweet to a wonderful new bicycle? 

This Saturday we'll be offering demo rides on a variety of wonderful bikes and e-bikes for ladies by Brooklyn Bikes, A2B, iZIP, Benelli and others. It's going to be a beautiful day so visit our store and see about a new bike! 

Electric Cargo Bikes Get The Job Done

More and more people are living in cities, we are told and the San Francisco Bay Area is currently home to TWO of cities in the top 10 list of cities with the worst traffic conditions in the USA.

We spend 1-2 weeks of our lives, each year, stuck, in, traffic. 

I don't know about you, but I would rather take those 2 weeks and transfer them over to a vacation in Hawaii, Big Sur or Santa Monica. Once there, I'd relax and play in the waves and contemplate life's wonders. 

But here, stuck in traffic, it's killing us and making us less productive too. 

Electric Cargo bikes are one solution to the many solutions available to us to solve this debacle. 

We hate traffic. 

Traffic is bad.

Bikes are good. 

Electric cargo bikes can be used for many trips that otherwise a car would be needed. 

For instance, your neighborhood may have something called "a school". In it and around it, you'll notice that kids and parents no longer walk to school or take bikes. They drive to school and they do so all at the same time, so that even though people are traveling a short distance from home to school, they are doing it by car and all at the same time. It's a stressful time of day. It happens once in the morning and once in the afternoon and instead of taking the family minivan from home to school, an electric cargo bikes could do the job for many parents dropping one or even 2 kids off at school before heading off to work. Kids love the ride and it's good for parents too. 

Say you work at XYZ Corporation and you didn't bring your lunch. Say you drive a Chevy Truck. Say you want to to into town and get a sandwich around lunch time. If you have no alternative, you're going to get in that Chevy Truck with an actual ton of cargo carrying capacity to go pick up that half pound sandwich and bring it back to the office and eat it. What about if you had a cargo bike at your disposal? You'd probably get on the cargo bike and go get that sandwich and maybe even stop along the way back at a nice park and eat it there in the open and fresh air with the squirrels. 

You could use an electric cargo bike to pick up burritos for the family dinner on any night of the week. 

You could also use an electric cargo bike to promote or conduct business any where. Make a coffee cart! Put up some banners on your cargo bike and ride around to promote your company. 

Electric cargo bikes let you easily store goods on the bike safely and let you free to ride your bike without the stuff getting in the way. The ride is made nice from the great cargo capacity. 

Some of the bikes we offer as problem solvers to these issues and more are the following. 

Juiced Riders ODK - Low rider rear cargo bay and front motor

Yuba ElMundo Cargo Bike - big and bountiful. A beach cruiser of a ride and based here in the Bay Area with bright colors and BIONX reliability. 

Urban Arrow Cargo Ebike - the Dutch know a thing or 4 about cargo bikes and this is the ultimate cargo bike with the BOSCH motor system.