BMX of Antiquity Swap Meet - March 9, 2013

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Posted February 25, 2013 in bmx

 MARCH 9TH, The First & Only Annual Old School BMX SWAP in RedWOOD City! The West Coast's most self-important BMX event to hit 926 Broadway Street in eons! On this day in time,  Motostrano will open up its parking lot to any one with stuff to swap or sell or buy pertaining to the BMX of Antiquity mindset. If you got old school BMX stuff in your garage, bedroom or kitchen, bring it. If you know some one who has that kind of stuff, tell them about our event. Hang out and shoot the shite. We'll have some coffee for you and load up some good tunes inside while enjoying the righteous California March Saturday that unfolds before us outside. You, Are, Invited!

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