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Cafe Bikes

Cafe Bikes 16 items

By Cafe we tend to mean something that was spawned from the earlier "cafe racer" style traditional bikes. These are bikes that do many things smoothly and efficiently, can take you to point b from a and fit into any urban setting. 

Cargo Bikes

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Cargo bikes


Cruisers 27 items

Beach cruisers hold a special place in our heart. For one- it's the reason we became a bicycle store. But more, the Beach Cruiser is the ultimate California bicycle and riding one instantly puts a person in vacation mode. Slow down, enjoy the ride. Stop. Sit. Watch a sunset. 

Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross Bikes 16 items

Felt Cyclocross: The unpredictable and constantly changing terrain in cyclocross puts a rider’s skills to the test, and it’s also the ultimate proving grounds for a bike. The sport requires a lightweight, high-performance bike that can stand up to the elements and excel in a wide variety of punishing terrain. Enter the all-new Felt FX Series.

Electric Bikes

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The San Francisco Bay Area is the hotbed of electric mobility and e-biking. With a future-forward populous looking for alternatives to 4 wheels and disconnected public transport, electric bikes are the Bay Area's smart and commonsense mode of transportation for the new generation. Pick one up for your commute to your technology enabled workplace for a happier and healthier commute. Suburbanbikes is one of the Bay Area's most cutting edge resources for e-bike transportation and we are skilled in providing you the bike and service for the transformation of the way you commute. Suburbanbikes / Motostrano sells and services ebikes. Find out why we are the san francisco bay area's best place to buy or service your ebike!

Fixed Gear Bikes

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 Function and fashion, sport and trick. We offer Leader, Fuji and Felt fixed gear bicycles for flat terrain travel in the simplest form possible.

Hybrid Bikes

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Hybrid bikes attempt to bridge the gap between the need to have multiple bikes in your garage. Wider tires than a road bike. Narrower tires than a mountain bike. A hybrid may have some suspension or beefed up frame to tend to the variances of urban travel and terrain, but will also have their comfort additives, such as a rack or a gel seat, up right riding position.

Mountain Bikes

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The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the best mountain biking terrain in the world. From just about any urban point around the Bay we can be in some great off-road riding trails within minutes.

Road Bikes

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Felt road bikes. Carbon frames. Di2. Technology, sport and transport. The most popular form of bicycling.

Triathlon Bikes

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Vanmoof Bicycles

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 Vanmoof bicycles reside in a category of their own. You won't find anything like them on the streets. Suburbanbikes is spreading the world with Vanmoofs starting with Northern California and the San Francisco Bikescape. The Vanmoof is ideally suited for the pavements, asphalts and concretes of our great San Francisco Bay Area and we are eager to spread the philosophy of this bike in throughout our environment.