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We have 2 Locations in the San Francisco Bay Area to experience our store. 

Suburbanbikes: 926 Broadway St, Redwood City California, USA, 94063 

EBIKELANE : 1452 Bush St, San Francisco California USA 94109

How to talk to us: 650-918-6259


When to catch us in Redwood City:  

9AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday

Saturday  10AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time

Closed on Sunday



Suburban Bikes is a bicycle studio, first and foremost. In our 11th year of business, we aim to be something different and memorable. Interesting, irresistible bikes and true, authentic, personal service. But, even more- we pass on great deals to our customers in a relaxing, creative, soothing store environment. Our store location provides any rider with a happy, fun and relaxing environment to take a bike out and become familiar with it on a test ride, to make a conscious purchase decision, instead of a rushed guess. 

We believe that there are few joys as pleasant and memorable as taking ownership of a new bicycle. The joys are up there with a first kiss, or a wedding night or a fantastically prepared steak with the perfectly tuned wine surrounded by the most exquisitely selected music. 

And we sell road bikes, triathlon bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, fixed gear, electric bikes, path bikes, hybrid bikes, bmx bikes, commuter bikes, custom bikes and an occasional used bike. All our bikes are of the highest quality only and are offered in a variety of price ranges to suit your budget. 

Our studio is located at


  • located in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • expert product knowledge and agreeable inventory
  • you don't have to be a professional road racer to buy a bike from us
  • we're not going to give you a load of attitude about the bike you're buying. we love bikes. 
  • going on our 10th year in business
  • visit our store to buy and to demo any of our bikes
  • bring in your bike for complete service, set-up and installation


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