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Featured Bikes

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Ebike Group Takes on Dumbarton Bridge Traffic

Redwood City, March 1, 2016. /Motostrano/ Traffic along the Dumbarton bridge has increased nearly 30% in the last five years and it shows. If you commute from Fremont to Palo Alto by car and back you know that slow moving feeling of being stuck in your car, not moving. 
You may have also noticed people on bicycles moving freely along the south side of the bridge. That's because the Dumbarton is equipped with a user friendly bike path, allowing cyclists a way to bypass the traffic and arrive home fresh and stress-free. But most commuters still go by car. 
As user friendly as the path is, for any one who does not ride a bike daily, or for people with health conditions, getting on a bike for a daily commute can be a chore. The bridge has a slight climb and is notorious for some pretty daunting gusts of wind that can put a damper on any bike commute. 
Enter the electric bicycle. Ebikes take the pain out of a long commute, a steep hill or a brutal head wind. Powered by a small silent motor, electric bikes propel the rider along faster than they would otherwise be able to pedal and with less effort. Ebikes are super-effective tool for short and mid-length commutes such as Fremont to Redwood City. 
To prove this point, the San Francisco E-Bike Meet-Up Group will be hosting an evening e-bike ride from Redwood City Tuesday at 6pm starting at Motostrano, California's largest electric bike store. The ride, hosted by the group's founder, Joe Witherspoon will take place on the busiest day of the week for the Dumbarton bridge and hopes to call attention to e-bikes as a great problem-solver for urban commuter traffic, stress and health issues. The group will ride along side the parked cars on the road and meet for dinner in Fremont before heading back the same evening. 
Average time by car for this 17 mile trip is almost two hours. By electric bicycle it should take less time and involve less stress, without adding traffic congestion. 
In January 2016, Facebook announced a $1 Million donation to help figure out what to do with all the traffic on this bridge. Joe Witherspoon of Motostrano LLC thinks people just need to ride more e-bikes. 
"Electric bicycles are really taking off," said Witherspoon "People are finding out that an ebike can be a great tool for the daily commuter who just wants to get to work and back without the stress of traffic and without sweating. The stretch of road from East Palo Alto to Fremont is the perfect e-bike ride and loads of commuters already go by ebike"
Witherspoon started the San Francisco Ebike Meet-up group last year to organize group rides all around the Bay Area and beyond. Groups range from 5 to 15 riders and riders participate to socialize, to test out their own e-bikes and to promote electric bikes to the world at large. "We just try to show the bikes to the world, while testing them in various conditions. We ride all over, both on and off-road. 
For more information, email or call Joe at 650-863-5143

E-Bike Race Up The Mountain With Carol

About half way up Kings Mountain road I realized Carol, who's 70+, was secretly racing me to the top of this winding trail. "Watch how fast I pass these young girls up ahead" she said with a crazed look on her face, as the girls blinked in bewilderment, grimacing with sweat dripping down their backs. "Its ok Im real slow going back down. Youll pass me for sure coming down the Mountain" she told them. This was for me supposed to be a leisurely ebike ride through the redwoods with some one old enough to be my mom, but the more we rode, the pieces came together with me realizing I'd lose this ebike race to Carol, who, it turns out used to race in all kinds of "atholons" and was a competitive swimmer in her prime and was on the gas today on the Eflow ebike I sold her a few weeks earlier. I took it easy and wanted to save battery. Not Carol. She was in high power and cruising having rode up here a week earlier. A bigger motor and a bigger competitive appetite meant me coming in second but having fun riding up the mountain with Carol.

For the record, I was riding a Haibike RX 29er electric Mountain Bike with a 350W motor. Carol was on her new EFLOW E3 Nitro with a 500W motor. Both our batteries held up equally. Carols bike definitely showed it's power on the steeper climbs 



We Had A Blast @ SaddleCreek courtesy of Salsa Cycles & Surly

When we were invited by Salsa and Surly to ride bikes on mountains we thought we'd died and gone to heaven and in fact that turned to actually be the case. Being in the industry has its perks and this was one of them and we are absolutely stoked by the 2016 models coming from these 2 brands and will have them in our stores as they become available. 

Ogden Utah is home to some abso-freakin-lutely fantastic MTB riding and SaddleCreek is just one of the heavenly spots to engage in this thrilling past time. 

We rode every bike we could get our butts on and one of our favorites turned out to be this Surly Straggler Bike in "glitter dreams" purple . We rode this thing like a mountain bike hitting big river rock boulders by the dozens for long stretches.


 I seriously expected a pinch flat or a bent rim out of the deal. The brakes took a beating on the downhill but over all this was a comfortable bike to ride  when it wasn't too rocky. 

That bike compared to the Spearfish was night and day of course. Big fat tires, a plush suspension perfectly tuned to our weight and height made this the ultimate full suspension bike to own in my view. Light weight carbon frame. Excellent looks. A perfect high end bike in all regards and we'll be showcasing this one in our store.