Benelli Electric Bike


Benelli, the luxury Italian brand with a rich history of designing exquisite motorcycles, makes its electric bicycle debut in North America with the launch of the Classica…the much anticipated e-bike with unparalleled style and performance. 

Quite possibly the only pretty e-bike in the world....

Modern interpretation of classic European bikes, Classica’s clean lines deliver gorgeous looks, strong personality and city character.

Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame with internally mounted battery optimizes weight distribution providing excellent balance and handling while low step-thru design makes mounting and riding easy 
for anyone.

Removable Samsung® (36V, 9Ah) / 
lithium battery pack is very light and rechargeable on or off bike. Its location contributes to a low center of gravity aiding maneuverability and riding comfort while leaving rear rack free for its 
intended purpose. Patented, integrated PAS selector allows safe control of 5 levels of power assist simply by twisting forward or back, never having to take your hands off the bars, while LCD displays power level, speed, battery level, and odometer. Powerful 350w front hub motor assists to speeds up to 20mph, effectively providing all-wheel drive, making molehills out of mountains and eliminating stubborn headwinds. Eight gears in a lightweight sealed hub eliminate the derailleur providing a low maintenance solution and allowing gear changes even when stopped. Classic dual coil adjustable leather spring saddle and grips tie timeless design and sophistication to this modern bicycle’s ability to effortlessly whisk you from point A to B quickly in style.