IZIP E3 Dash Electric Bike


In a hurry? This bike can sure hustle and is built to get you through town lightening fast and under great control. Don't even think about grabbing your car keys—it's 5pm, traffic's crazy, you're not getting anywhere and there's no parking anyway. Get on the E3 Dash instead. At 28 miles per hour, with rider assistance, you'll be there before the car. It's got sleek up to date styling, and great parts. Right tool for the job and smooth riding -- a perfect urban assault bike. The new edition is chockfull of minor upgrades improving an already great experience.



  • • Built to go fast: A powerful motor, aggressive riding position, and speed-focused components make no compromises.
  • • The downtube-mounted lithium-ion battery pack doesn’t just look sleek: its low center of gravity helps the bike handle better, and its 48V high capacity design means better efficiency for all day riding.
  • • The rear hub motor is silent, smooth, and powerful. The centrally-mounted LCD shows speed, distance and time in addition to controlling the hybrid assist.
  • • A remote button pad lets you operate the system without taking your hand from the bars.