IZIP E3 Peak Electric Bike


Take it to go. Riding a bike is always fun, but a lot of times it just plain makes sense. We designed the E3 Metro to be ridden every day, for all those trips you used to make in your car. Drop off your dry cleaning, get a haircut, then stop by the farmer's market for something to eat (those watermelons look great—might as well pick up two). When you're done, take the shortcut home—the one with that big hill you were always scared to ride up. You'll wonder why you ever bothered sitting in traffic. - See more at: http://www.currietech.com/izip-ebikes-e3-metro4/#sthash.CYcqGp7j.dpuf

The high-torque 500 watt rear hub motor has more than enough power to haul you and your groceries around at up to 20 mph. The integrated battery pack is the evolution of our in-frame battery technology. You won't think about it when it's hidden away in the seat tube, but you'll thank us when you're carrying it upstairs to charge—instead of the whole bike. The PAS/TAG+ control system combines a throttle and pedal assist sensor to let you choose exactly how you want to cruise. The large front porteur rack holds up to 35 pounds and is finished with bamboo for a stylish look and easy load carrying. - See more at: http://www.currietech.com/izip-ebikes-e3-metro4/#sthash.CYcqGp7j.dpuf

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