iZIP E3 Peak Electric Bike


The E3 Peak keeps building on its trailblazing past. We engineered numerous improvements that make it ever more capable and a delight offroad -- or on. Now with 10-speeds, a more intuitive control pad, a stronger rim and other tweaks so the ride experience is ever better.\r\nThis is a bike to be ridden on the back trails and to the high peaks—the ones that were always a bit too far away before. And with a 28+ mph assisted top speed, you might as well ride it to the trailhead, too.



  • • Our 350W center-drive motor is the right tool for the job. Hub motors are great, but centerdrive gives massive amounts of torque, and feels like a regular bike, but makes you sooooo much stronger!
  • • Easy maintenance: when you get a flat on the trail, you’ll thank us for using a quick release rear wheel.
  • • Downtube mounted battery for great weight distribution and natural handling.
  • • Quality component spec: A Rockshox fork, 650b wheels and hydraulic brakes mean you can ride as hard as you want.