M1 Spitzing R-Pedalec Ebike


Do you want to ride the fastest production bicycle you can own?
Are you interested in the perfect balance of power to weight?
Are you looking for the perfect package of design, engineering and art in a game-changing mode of transportation with a
strong bite?

Tthe M1 Spitzing is perhaps the most advanced e-bike available today. Releasing large amounts of power from a small light weight package that is still a true bicycle in every sense of the term - yet something more.

M1 SPITZING - The WOW bike! The design of the impressively powerful carbon fiber frame with the mighty tubes was made in the Fritzmeier division, where also carbon parts for the new electric BMW i-fleet arise. The SPI TZING is equipped with the revolutionary Pin-Drive of TQ Systems that makes you move in a way you never felt before. With 120 Nm, it drives you forward. The sprint from 0 to 50 km/h – only 7.5 seconds. 75 km/h, you can do it! You feel like in a Formula 1 car, and you have the famous quote of Rallye World Champion Walter Röhrl in mind: „Acceleration is when the tears of emotion flow horizontally to your ears.“ Yesterday was fast, today is WOW.