Yuba el Mundo Electric Cargo Bike


The el Mundo electric cargo bicycle adds a powerful and quiet power boost, making it easier than ever to carry the people and things you need to take where you're going.

Fast, good and cheap
At just 3 cents to 5 cents per charge, the elMundo provides unparalleled value, range, and speed. Every charge will help propel you for 25-50 miles, depending on the load, the terrain, and how much you rely on the electric assist, all with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

The elMundo 4.3 features:
• Rear wheel-mounted hub motor (top speed 20 mph) BionX motor with disc mount.
• Lithium Manganese (Li-Mn), 48V, 8.8Ah providing a 25 to 50 mile range
• Pedal assist bike

• Button throttle for additional power
• 4 amps Smart charger Maximum charge time 6 hrs charging temperature +5°C +35°C
• Stand Alone & Deflopilator & Bamboo Deck & Wheelskirts included!
• Orange or Black color only.
• 2 year warranty on all electric components [register the bike at http://yubabikes.com/register]
• Friendly online and phone tech support